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Small Business Loan Application: Guidelines, Forms, & How To’s

Apply for a Small Business Loan

All companies need capital, which may be available to a small businesses through loans or grants. But commercial financing is an entirely different arena than a home mortgage or a personal loan. Applying for a small business loan requires thorough preparation on the part of the applicant, whether they’re applying through a commercial bank or filing an application for a SBA loan.

How to Apply for a Bank Loan

If you want to apply for a small business loan, investigate bank websites for guidance on their current rates, lending guidelines, and application process. It’s not always necessary to apply for a business loan in person–some banks will take applications over the phone, or allow you to mail or fax in the form once completed. Keep in mind that the loan application for businesses will be longer and more complex than the application for a business credit card.

How to Apply for a Business Loan Online

Sooner or later, many business learn how to apply for a small business loan online. You don’t need programming skills, just the ability to carefully follow instructions and fill out forms. You may be able to save your application and return at a later time, if you need to gather further information. Applying online sets up a revolving account and may actually serve your needs just as well as a conventional loan. To get started, fill out your information to the right and a representative will be in contact with you to discuss your options.

How to Apply for an Small Business Administration Loan

To apply for a Small Business Administration Loan, visit the website. Here you will find detailed information, instructions, and contact numbers. You will find out how to apply for small business loan online, which is the easiest way to complete the process.

SBA Business Loan Application Form

As a first step, it’s useful to have a look at the Small Business Administration loan application, just to familiarize yourself with routine questions and information needed on a business credit application. The SBA application is available online through the website, and can be printed out and completed; you can also fill out the form to apply online.

Applying for a business loan through the SBA means joining the Small Business Investment Company, which partners with private investors who provide working capital to local entrepreneurs. Consult accountants, business attorneys and local business-friendly non-profits who have firsthand experience of what it takes to apply for an SBA loan.

Small Business Credit / Commercial Loan Application Form

You can also request a credit application from a local bank or credit union. A banker will be glad to guide you through the bank loan application process, which can vary from one lender to the next. A typical small business loan application will require detailed information on your state of your business, as well as your personal finances. Naturally, the lender wants to ensure that you, as well as your business, have the resources and income to repay the loan.

The application forms may also require information on your current assets and liabilities, any liens or judgments against your business, past bankruptcies, and your standing with the IRS. It’s smart to gather this information before the application process begins, and consolidate it onto a short statement so that’s it’s readily available, both as you fill out applications and attend interviews.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Application Form

It’s common for established businesses to borrow money for business expansion, or to buy commercial real estate. Applying for business loans based on commercial property results in a loan secured by the property, which tends to keep a lid on interest rates. A commercial property application still needs detailed information on your assets and financial resources.

Over the years, the Halo Capital Group has helped many businesses obtain the funding they need. Our mission is to help businesses grow and prosper by enabling them to receive commercial loans with the best rates and terms. To apply, fill out the form to the right and a representative will contact you to discuss your options.

Business Loan Application Process


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Corporate Financing & Rates for Loans

Corporate Lending Services

When it comes to getting corporate loans, today’s companies have a number of good options at their disposal. The world of corporate financing has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. If you’re in the market for corporate business loans, then there are some things that you must know. Generally speaking, businesses that successfully get a corporate business loan do so because they are prepared and because they have the proper business fundamentals. Interest rates for these will depend heavily upon the business’ fiscal standing, the business’ credit rating and the amount of funding that the company seeks. For those business leaders that want a corporate loan, there are many important things to keep in mind.

What to Look For in Corporate Finance Companies & Services

Not all corporate lenders are created equally. The corporate lending world includes some companies that provide good rates, some that provide predatory rates and a large number of neutral companies in-between. Those business owners who need funding should look first to corporate funding companies that have a solid reputation. Good corporate finance firms develop strong reputations over time by providing their consumers with solid services.

Many businesses also look to funding companies that are willing to provide amenable terms. While interest rates might be the primary concern, there are additional concerns that must be accounted for. How long does the company have to pay back the loan? What sort of collateral is needed, and if some is needed, are there conditions that allow the lending company to repossess the property? Each of these questions must be considered by a business that is looking to choose a good financing company.

How Corporate Finance Consulting Can Help

What is a corporate loan? If this is your first question, then you might be the sort of business owner who could benefit significantly from consulting services. Corporate finance consulting is a service that provides business owners with value. These consulting firms help business owners wade through the morass of options that might be out there. Many lending companies provide specialized services aimed at specific industries. A good consulting firm can help the business owner find these options.

Beyond that, consulting firms provide business owners with advice on whether they should seek funding, how much funding they might want, and what terms they should look for. Not every business needs to get a loan. There are many that will benefit from additional funding, but timing is extremely important in the business world. If you want the best corporate loan rates, then it’s critical to enlist the help of a solid consulting firm to make this a reality.

When is it Right to Seek Corporate Business Lending?

Corporate finance services may be right for companies that find themselves looking to grow and expand. There are many good reasons why companies seek this type of funding. The corporate financing gap has long kept businesses from aggressively targeting new markets. If your company needs to expand by either hiring new people or building more infrastructure, then it might be the right time to seek financing. Beyond that, if the company sees an opportunity to invest in marketing that might bring its public profile a bit higher, then funding may be necessary. The right time to seek a loan is the time in which that loan will provide a solid marginal return for the company.

Types of Corporate Loans

There are a few types of corporate loans that might work for your business, depending upon where you currently stand. Bad credit loans are available for businesses that have struggled in the past with things like bankruptcy. These loans typically come with higher rates, but they are filled with terms to make borrowing much easier for people who have just turned things around. In addition, there are both collateral-based and non-collateral loans, depending upon how much money you need to borrow and what purpose the loan is for. Because of the existence of such a large number of loans, it is critical for business owners to choose the one that is the right fit.

Corporate Financing



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Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”Is There an Up-Front Fee?” state=”closed”]There are absolutely no upfront fees. It is 100% performance based.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What Are Your Qualifications For Approval?” state=”closed”]Your qualifications are determined a variety of factors, depending on your situation and preference. We typically look at your business cash flow, assets & liabilities, credit score, business plan, and whether you can put money down.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How Much Can My Business Get?” state=”closed”]Business loans can range anywhere from $10,000 to $10,000,000+.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Do You Require Any Personal Collateral?” state=”closed”]No. Personal collateral is not required to gain financing.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How Long Does It Take to Get Approved?” state=”closed”]Approvals can happen within hours.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How Long Does It Take To Get The Funds?” state=”closed”]Funding can happen in as little as 24 hours.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What Is The Cost Of The Funds?” state=”closed”]We provide funds based on a factor rate. The fee is interest and is fully written off or tax deductible. Your rate will depend on a variety of factors, such as your monthly sales volume and your desired loan amount.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Is There a Fee To Have Funds Released?” state=”closed”]No.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Will I Need to Personally Guarantee My Business Loan?” state=”closed”]There is no traditional personal guarantee required.[/toggle][/accordion]
[toggle title=” Can I Pay The Loan Back Early?” state=”closed”]Yes.[/toggle][/accordion][accordion]
[toggle title=”Can I Get More Money If I Need It?” state=”closed”]Yes, we can provide you with additional funds, typically you can borrow 2 -3 times per year. Our goal is to develop a long term relationship. As you start to repay, our lenders will feel more comfortable offering you more money with better rates and better terms.[/toggle][/accordion][accordion]
[toggle title=”Are There Any Restrictions On How My Loan Can Be Used?” state=closed”]There are no restrictions on how you can use the money received from your loan.[/toggle][/accordion]
[toggle title=”Is There a Cost Obligation If You Approve My Loan?” state=”closed”]No cost, no obligation. If we approve you for more than you need, your not obligated to take the full amount. If you don’t take the full amount but determine you need the additional money later on, you can have access to the difference (concurrent) for 90 days. Then once you repay approximately 50% of the loan, we will make more available.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”If I Have Had a Bankruptcy In The Past Am I Still Eligible?” state=”closed”]Yes, if the bankruptcy has been discharged for at least one year.[/toggle][/accordion]





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Factoring Receivables: Debtor Finance & Loan Solutions


What does your business have that is valuable? Large multinational corporations can easily attract finance due to their strong balance sheet. While a small- or mid-sized firm might not be worth as much, it can still raise capital through commercial factoring and finance solutions. Small business factoring can be used to fill credit gaps. Typically, you might not be paid by your business customers for as long as 90 days. Meanwhile, you must fund your payroll, rent and purchase inventory. Factoring receivables allows you to leverage your account receivables (AR) to raise much needed capital.

Accounts Receivable Financing and Small Business Credit Tips

Every successful venture requires risk management. Here are a few tips regarding credit factoring. First, do your research. Just as you learned how to ride a bike, you should also learn how to use accounts receivable funding effectively. Second, understand what accounts receivable financing is based on. How will the lender profit from the agreement? How will you profit from the loan? Third, add up the factoring fees. Nothing is free. Carefully read the terms and conditions of your factoring agreement.

What is Account Receivable Debtor Financing Based On?

Some may ask, “What is account receivable financing based on?” Debtor finance provides the capital you need in exchange for your account receivables. A factoring company will look at each invoice you have. It will check the creditworthiness of the businesses that owe you money. Account receivable financing will pay you a portion of the value of each invoice. Usually, receivables financing companies provide you with cash in advance of payments due from your customers (typically within 30, 60 or 90 days).

What is Factoring in Business?

What is factoring in business? Factoring is the sale of your accounts receivables for a discount. The sale of accounts receivable can speed up your revenue stream. Make sure that you fully understand what you are doing with factor receivables. This form of debtor financing may require you to relinquish a portion of your capital control. In fact, many “factors” (the lenders giving you the capital) will issue their own invoice to your businesses. This financing receivables system allows for the capital lending group to develop its own relationships with your customers. For some entrepreneurs, this asset based debtor funding requires an adjustment in their thought process. Rather than waiting to be paid by customers, they receive their revenue from the factor agency.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Factoring Your Accounts Receivable

Getting down to the brass tacks of receivables factoring reveals the financial tradeoff. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of debt factoring. The advantages of factoring are basically based on the time principle of money. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. You receive immediate access to funds rather than waiting for 3 months to be paid. The factoring of receivables also leaves an element of risk management to the professionals (the factor). The disadvantage of receivables finance includes loss of capital control and factoring charges. Your finance receivables will officially belong to the factor. Although this involves surrendering some control, the immediate injection of cash flow is a benefit that often outweighs the risks.

How to Use Account Receivable (AR) Funding To Finance Your Receivables

With AR factoring, you can take “unpaid debt obligations” and turn them into a line of capital. This system is based on your need for capital today by exchanging promises for tomorrow. A R financing speeds up the process for you raising funds and allows you to concentrate on your business fundamentals. A certain element of your capital control has been outsourced with accounts receivable finance. A lender provides the factoring loan that could help you expand and grow your business right now, instead of waiting for your customers to pay you back.

Factor Account Receivable with Additional Commercial Loans

Most businesses need a variety of lending facilities. Account receivable factoring allows you to combine traditional commercial loans with accounts receivable loans. The commercial factoring of accounts receivable could be used for special projects while other loans could be used for every day expenses. Factoring in business increases agility. Raising capital against receivables also may mean that your debtors become aware of this financial arrangement. You can review a good factoring blog to learn more about the getting involved with the factoring business.

Business Account Receivable Loan Rates & Factoring Fees

Each factoring company will offer its own financial services for buying receivables. These accounts receivable lending agreements will set rates, costs and charges based on real-time valuations of the invoices. The factoring consultant will follow industry valuations for your account receivable. Businesses must understand all of the terms and conditions of full service. The factoring financing agreement can be quite beneficial if used properly.

Discover the benefits of the best invoice funding programs by filling out the Halo Capital Group form today. Get the capital you need to compete.



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Quick & Easy Small Business Loans: Get Emergency Funding with Minimal Docs

Emergency Business Funding Solutions

When you ask small business owners what they complain about most, many mention not having enough cash flow. This can easily be solved by getting a business loan, however bad credit hindrances, long approval wait times, or approval impossibilities often stand in the way. In fact, many entrepreneurs will likely wince at the same thing: the documentation. It’s not that you can’t fill out the stack of forms; you are a entrepreneur after all. Rather, it’s that your time is valuable. Or invaluable, even, since your time is the backbone of your company’s success.

So why would you waste your already limited time filling out paperwork to secure a fast small business loan for your business? You don’t. The Halo Capital Group uses an efficient application process to get you funded quickly, with the most competitive rates and flexible terms in the industry. To learn more, fill out the form to the right and someone will get back to you within a few hours to discuss your options.

How Easy Is It To Get a Business Loan Online?

Halo Capital makes it easy to get a commercial loan. How easy, you ask? It’s so painless that you could probably fill out the form on your smartphone while you wait for your next client to arrive for a lunch meeting over coffee. So streamlined that Halo Capital often responds to applicants in under two days and transfers quick cash in under a week. That means that you could have coffee with your client today and be back on your feet by next week. It couldn’t be easier getting fast small business loans than with Halo.

Fast Business Loan Companies That Offer 24 Hour Approvals

Your emergency business funding needs can’t wait for a loan officer. You need easy business credit approval, you need fast cash, and you need it today. We’re one of the few companies that offer same day approvals and easy business credit. We often respond to approvals with 24 hours. That’s only 24 hours until peace of mind. Only 24 hours until you can pay invoices. Only 24 hours until you can stop worrying about cash for business and start worrying about the real work that has to be done.

No Doc Business Loans

We believe that quick business cash shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why our application process has been made simple. It’s simple to receive quick loans for company needs. All you have to do is:

1) Go to our website
2) Fill out the form with the basics (name, time in business, revenue, etc)
3) Click “Apply Now”
4) Hear from us within 24 hours

When we say we have a no doc easy small business loan, we mean it. No lengthy application, no collateral, and no hassle. Just sign a simple agreement and wait for your cash. Turn your amazing ideas into action with our quick small business loans.

How to Get Quick Business Loans with No Credit Check

We help people with poor credit receive fast business funding. Our lenders don’t run a credit check for our easy business loans. Instead, we look at your company’s performance and base approvals off cash flow and time in business. We lend where others don’t and we lend quickly. We often respond the same day for applicants and can transfer the funds in as few as five days. Just because you’ve been turned down for bad credit doesn’t mean we can’t help you with one of our emergency business loans or credit lines.

Easy, No Doc Business Line of Credit Options

What’s the easiest way to obtain quick business funding? How about a web-based, no-doc, no credit check application? That means no faxing mountains of paperwork or signing your life away. Just tell us about your company’s performance and we’ll respond. Our line of credit makes it simple to borrow what you need several times a year and pay it down without advance payment penalties. Halo Capital makes it painless to obtain business loans fast and simply.

Small & Fast Business Loans Under 30K

Do you only need ten thousand dollars fast cash quick business loan? We can deliver. Our uncomplicated form makes it painless to access emergency small business loans and lines of credit. We offer as little as ten thousand dollars. It may be chump change for big commercial lenders but we know it’s everything to you.

Emergency Business Funding Reviews & Complaints

You’re a savvy entrepreneur. You’ve probably read the reviews about fly-by-night companies that charge you fees but never deliver the fast capital companies need. Or you’ve read funding reviews for banks that offer you the cash you need, if only you’ll provide thousands in collateral first. Your emergency funding for business wouldn’t be an emergency if you had cash. We’re different. Just check the BBB to see our ratings. We’ve helped thousands secure the lending they want.

easy small business loans

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Commercial Truck Loans & Financing Rates

Commercial Truck Loan Rates

Whether you need to purchase a single truck or an entire fleet, you will need to find the right commercial truck finance options to fulfill your specific needs. Most business owners will not pay for these vehicles with cash out of pocket, so they will need to apply for loans for commercial trucks. Financing a commercial truck is similar to applying for a regular truck loan in many cases, but there are some key differences that you should be aware of before you contact finance companies to get started with an application.

Understanding Different Commercial Truck Finance Options

It is important to note that not all commercial truck finance companies offer the same types of loans and that there are different types of loan programs available for different types of work vehicles. For example, owner-operator trucks, fleet trucks, municipal trucks all may qualify for different rates and terms. There are even truck repair loans available for some borrowers. In addition, the amount of the down payment and the sales price may also impact commercial truck loan rates and terms. It is wise to spend time learning more about the different options available for financing trucks before applying. This can help you to determine which program may be most suitable for your needs.

Applying for Commercial Truck Title Loans

If you have never applied for commercial truck title loans, you may be wondering what the financing requirements are with this kind of commercial truck lending. Each of the commercial truck lenders have a different application process. Some have a streamlined, easy application process online, and the process may be rather similar to applying for a personal truck loan. Other companies that offer commercial truck lending programs may have a more complicated process that requires you to submit documentation and have it approved by an underwriter before loan approval. When you are shopping for a commercial truck loan, it makes sense to look for commercial truck financing companies that offer easy financing programs. They will undoubtedly save you valuable time and headaches during the process.

Understanding Used Commercial Truck Loans

Some businesses may purchase used trucks rather than new trucks, and there are benefits associated with doing so. Used commercial truck financing tends to be more affordable since the price of the used truck is lower than that of a new truck. Most will have a similar loan application process and documentation requirements. However, you may find that the interest rates and loan terms vary in some scenarios. In fact, they may vary based on the sales price and loan amount, the age of the vehicle and other factors. When you contact commercial truck lenders about their loan programs, it is important to have this information available so that you get an accurate quote based on your specific needs. You can then use a commercial truck loan calculator with the used vehicle financing rates and terms to determine how affordable the different loan programs may be for your enterprise.

Everything from the financing requirements to the interest rates and loan terms can vary from lender to lender. Factors such as whether you are buying new or used vehicles, their sales prices, how much money you want to put down and how the vehicles will be owned and operated all may impact pricing on your truck loans. It is important to fully understand all of the choices available and to determine which solutions may be most affordable for your budget before you make a final decision about which lending program to apply for.

Using a Commercial Truck Loan Calculator

Just as there are auto loan calculators that you can use when buying a vehicle for personal use, you can also find a financing calculator when considering options for funding your trucks. A commercial truck finance calculator can be used early on in the loan application process to help you to determine how affordable various new or used commercial truck loans may be for your business. Commercial truck financing rates and terms are different than those for private use vehicles. Likewise, the fees can also vary. You can use a calculator to estimate payments for lending terms to determine what sales price may be most affordable for you to purchase.

Loans for Commercial Trucks




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Retail Loans Services, Funding Companies, and Finance Providers

Retail Business Loans

In the business world, most retail outlets have a very limited amount of capital on hand and cannot afford to have their cash flow tied up in loans given out to clients. At the same time, however, they cannot afford to send customers away from the point of sale on big-ticket items and see their sales sink to a low ebb. Furthermore, businesses often need to renovate their property, move to a new location, upgrade equipment, or engage in extensive marketing campaigns. Yet, they do not always possess the investment capital to accomplish these goals on their own.

The Purpose of Retail Finance Companies

If someone were to ask the average person, “What is a retail loan?,” the response might well be, “A loan to a retailer.” That definition, however, would be off the mark. In fact, retail-financing is a loan extended to a retailers’ clients at point-of-sale to prevent the customer’s inability to pay in full from canceling the sale entirely.

A retail finance company will typically not cater to small-ticket items, which are better handled by credit card providers, but will concentrate major purchases like electronics, expensive furniture, automobiles, and even real estate. A retail mortgage lender, for example, will work with borrowers to assist them on loan applications and then finance the purchase. Retail financing programs have the potential to boost both a business’ profitability and to broaden its customer base. Customer loyalty also is increased when customers are able to take home the items they want without a long wait.

Retail Funding Programs

“Retail store financing” differs from “retail financing” in that it is a commercial loan to retailers that helps them build up their businesses or just ride out financial storms. By enabling businesses to use capital to finance retail projects, retail funding programs ultimately lift struggling companies to the next level and increase their productivity. By giving businesses advance credit on accounts receivable or leveraging loans based on equity and assets, retail business loans take a company through the hard times so they can survive to enjoy a rebound in days ahead.

Affordable Retail Financial Services?

Regardless of the exact type of retail financial services you may need, be it “retail funding” or “retail financing,” none of it will be of much benefit if it is not affordable. Many financing companies charge too much interest to your clients or scare them away with large monthly installments, but we at Halo Capital keep your customers happy so they will not walk away. Our retail financial services also strive to keep retailers themselves happy by offering them flexible and fair terms on a wide variety of loan types.

Retail Financing for Companies With Imperfect Credit?

Bad credit is common in the modern marketplace, and many good customers have financial mishaps in their past that should not keep them from buying your products. Some retail finance providers require minimum credit scores, but we examine each application on a case-by-case basis to render a higher customer approval rate. We also approve transactions quickly, sometimes even instantaneously.

Retail Lending Rates and Terms

Halo Capital Group prides itself on avoiding the overly stringent terms and excessively high interest rates of much of its competition. Our finance solutions are customized to fit your needs and can be completed in as little as two days’ time. We also keep paperwork to a minimum and simplify the lending process to give you a no-hassle experience.

Finding the Right Retail Lender

Halo Capital Group is a retail lender that services all manner of retail loans to a wide range of business types, including restaurants, bars, auto dealerships, boat retailers, electronics stores, realty agencies, and more. Our retail lending practices are fair and upfront, and we always welcome the opportunity to lend you our financial strength and partner with you in growing your business.


At Halo Capital, we provide retail finance for small business owners and companies across the U.S. Our retail credit financing keeps your customers from abandoning a purchase due to low cash on hand or high interest rates and payments. We finance retail improvements and cash flow facilitation as well, and we beat out other retail finance companies when it comes to rates and terms.


For a list of factoring companies, see here.


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Inventory Loan & Financing Program

Loan for Inventory

Inventory financing institutions allow you to ensure that your supplies, parts or product shelves are fully stocked. Customers expect you to deliver the best products and services . Modern business can be lightning fast, requiring you to add staff, merchandise and locations quickly to stay competitive. Inventory lenders will look at your assets as collateral for raising capital (ie, your inventory). Accounts receivable financing is one of the modern alternative retail funding mechanisms available in today’s market. Learn how you can leverage your goods or positive sales figures into a readily available line of credit. To get started, fill out our simple application form to the right and a specialist will be in touch to discuss your options.

What is Inventory Business Financing And How Does it Work?

You might have heard about financing based on inventory and wondered – “How does it work?” Investopia defines inventory finance solutions as a “line of credit or short-term loan made to a company so it can purchase products for sale.” What are the advantages and disadvantages of an financing agreement? The benefit is that you will have the capacity for financing inventory needed to grow your business and meet customer demand. If you default on your loan, then the lending company will own your inventory. Dealers will make a fair and honest appraisal of the value of your merchandise to determine the amount of money that you can be loaned.

Inventory Financing Companies

There are numerous inventory finance companies that are prepared to invest in physical assets in exchange for additional revenue streams. You can finance inventory to ensure that you have everything you need to stay in business. Inventory loans provide capital when traditional banks are not lending. Many banks have become overwhelmed with non-performing loans and heavy government regulation. Alternative lenders will provide you with cash by creating a lien against your inventory. Improve your brand with the inventory that your customers demand.

Common Rates for Inventory Loans

Inventory financing rates will depend upon a number of factors, including business history, business type, credit score and loan size. Each financial lender will have its own specific cost formula for determining the inventory financing cost. In comparison to other loan products, the cost of loans secured by inventory can be very high; such as 6% over the prime lending rate. Find associates with competitive loan rates to ensure you stay in business.

Benefits of Getting Small Business Capital from Inventory

Inventory lending for small business has a trickle-down positive effect in the community due to increased purchases from suppliers, payments to vendors and wages paid to employees. Inventory based funding is an alternative way to raise capital when a traditional bank loan is not available. There are many industries that can benefit from this. For example, the fashion industry must frequently adjust its inventory to reflect changing styles. With an inventory loan, they can raise capital using last season’s clothing line. A business might also have seasonal peaks and valleys that could be best funded by a solid and reliable inventory funding mechanism. Capital for inventory can also be used to change the product mix during mergers and acquisitions to create a more vibrant new corporate identity.

Accounts Receivable Lending vs Inventory Finance

What exactly is the meaning of “Account Receivable Lending?” Also, called “factoring,” this alternative funding method allows for a company to leverage accounts receivables into immediate commercial cash. Modern capital has become quite complicated with numerous time parameters associated with each asset value. The age of the accounts receivables claim is an important element in this funding plan. If a business has a special project, then a funds provider might provide instant capital with these alternative monetary plans.

Get started today finding an inventory loan for your business. Just fill in the form and a Halo Capital Group representative will be in contact with you.

The Small Businesses Administration has different types of general small businesses 7(a) loan programs. Micro loans are another option provided by this administration.

inventory financing solutions

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Tractor Trailer Loan & Semi Truck Financing Program

Semi Truck Financing Program

Tractor trailer financing is crucial to a large number of businesses scattered all across the nation. Since the cost of purchasing a semi runs in the tens of thousands of dollars or higher, most truckers must rely on semi truck financing companies to help them acquire and maintain the very best equipment and stay competitive in the modern trucking industry.

Guaranteed Financing Solutions Nationwide

We offer guaranteed truck financing on a nationwide basis. We do not limit semi truck finance opportunities based on whether your business is new or old, on whether or not you own a home, or on your possession of a CDL. We do not let tax liens or bankruptcy in your past keep you from getting the loan. At Halo Capital, we know how to find a way to finance your new or used semi regardless of who you are or what financial troubles you may have had in the past.

Low Semi Truck Financing Rates

Semi truck financing rates can vary greatly depending a wide variety of factors, including total vehicle price, vehicle age and condition, reputation of the trucking company or individual, and the current market situation. Our semi truck loan rates are always kept as low as possible, and we are always willing to work with you to find a way to get you the loan.

18 Wheeler Financing for Truckers

While it is sometimes easier to find a loan provider for smaller commercial trucks, 18 wheeler financing can be more difficult to obtain. Since the stakes are higher on the highest-priced vehicles on the road, many financing companies become extremely slow and stringent and offer unfair loan terms. We, however, give you fast and affordable 18 wheeler truck financing with terms that are built to fit your particular needs.

No Money Down Truck Financing

When your business is in a tight spot and you need a truck or truck repair in short space of time, it may not always be practical to put forward a large down payment. For this reason, unlike many of our competitors, we frequently require no money down on your trucking loans. In many cases, simply making the first payment will be enough to secure the loan.

Tractor Trailer Financing for Bad Credit

While a good deal on tractor trailer financing for bad credit applicants is sometimes elusive, we at Halo Capital offer credit solutions that work for every credit score. Some companies adhere to a minimum credit score before they will do business with you, but we understand that circumstances beyond your control can affect your credit rating and that what happened in years past need not be a forecast of the future. Therefore, we provide bad credit tractor trailer financing on a wide variety of tractor trailer loans. We make it possible for you to keep your wheels on the road and your business running strong.

Financing a Used Semi Truck

If financing a new semi carries the risk of a higher investment, used semi truck loans carry the risk of undiscovered mechanical problems and an uncertain rate of depreciation. This scares some financiers away from used truck loans or motivates them to highly restrict them. We, however, understand that a new truck purchase is not always necessary nor practical and, therefore, provide affordable used-truck loans to our clients. We can arrange for an inspection of the truck and utilize a fair and accurate depreciation schedule to determine the exact terms of the loan. We also offer you semi truck repair financing to get your business back up and running fast following major break-downs.

The Benefit of An Easy to Use Semi Truck Financing Calculator

It can often be very helpful to use a semi truck finance calculator that is simple, fast, and accurate. It gives you an instant estimate of your interest rate, payment amounts, sales tax, and other pertinent data. By using a convenient financing calculator, you can quickly assess your options and make a wise and informed decision.

Doing Business With the Right Truck Financing Companies

With untold thousands of fleet operators and independent truckers constantly on the lookout for a semi truck loan, it is not surprising that semi truck financing companies abound. All semi truck finance companies, however, are not equally helpful to those in need of semi truck loans. Finding a fast, fair, and honest truck-loan financier is not always easy, but doing business with the right people is the most critical factor to be concerned about when seeking semi truck loans.


Halo Capital Group makes financing a tractor trailer possible for those with less than perfect credit. We cater to trucking companies both large and small, new and old, and of every description. Our goal is to make it as fast, simple, and affordable as possible for you to get the loan you need to keep your trucking enterprise both in business and optimally profitable.

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Church Financing Options & Mortgage Loans

Church Financing Solutions

The Halo Capital Group understands that church financing may at times be necessary in order to continue the mission of the church. Financial management and budgetary planning of voluntarily given funds can be difficult and insufficient. Apply today and allow us to review your financial situation so we can make recommendations to assist you.

The Cash Flow Limitations of Church Fundraisers

Most church financing is obtained through donations made by members but many churches experience shortfalls with respect to working capital. The current economic crunch has made financial security difficult to achieve; therefore, many churches must find alternative methods of meeting financial obligations. Organizations such as Better Fundraising Ideas provide suggestions of tried and true church fundraiser ideas. Other companies such as ABC Fundraising provide the products that can be sold by the church to raise needed capital. Sometimes funding is made available from a mother church or organization and sometimes operating funds are gifts or bequeaths from current or previous members. But more often the funds through which a church survives are donations of those who attend services on a regular basis. Unfortunately, few fundraisers generate enough church building funds to complete major projects. Funding through church grants and church loans must be sought from outside sources.

Church Mortgages & Lending

A church mortgage is different from that of a residential mortgage. To this regard, churches are treated as businesses and the repayment period is much less than that of home owners. Local building departments require commercial blue prints and licensed commercial building contractors for church structures. These requirements drive up the cost of the construction. Most mortgage companies and banking facilities require mounds of paperwork, higher interest rates, personal guarantees and collateral for security. In addition, loan approval and release of funds may take weeks or months.

The Church Loans & Investments Trust Company provides mortgage loans to churches within the USA. Unfortunately, their minimum loan amount is $3,000,000 and they require a minimum attendance of 500. If your church is relatively small and reaching these goals is impossible, contact Halo Capital Group. We have a “performance based” program designed to take into consideration your entire financial picture not just your credit score. We require minimal paperwork, reasonable interest rates, no personal guarantees, no collateral and funds can be made available in days. We are here to help you. Connect with us today to learn for yourself what services we offer and how we can best serve you.

Church Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates can vary greatly depending on the mortgage lenders and the financial standing of the church. A loan calculator can be found free of charge on the internet. A church mortgage calculator can be of assistance when determining the actual loan cost.

Church Construction Loans & Grants

Church building loans are available through commercial banks, financing companies and church lenders. Most church construction financing entities have stringent church lending guidelines, high interest rates and a requirement for the church to fund at least 20% of the total construction cost. Church mortgage loans have the same basic regulations in addition to the requirement for liens on the property.

Most grants for church expenses are meant solely for one denomination. However, few grant funding organizations have sufficient funds to cover building financing. Most grants are for much smaller amounts and are designed for church programs and church equipment financing. Church building grants are usually limited to grants for church repairs rather than for new construction. One exception would be church plant funding when the home church or denominational governing body contributes to the cost of starting a completely new church in a completely new location.

Getting Small Church Loans

Small churches may experience more difficulty with church finances than larger churches. Inconsistent collections may make even general operating costs a hardship and continued church debt inevitable. Small church loans, loans to members or loans to pastors must in some cases be sought in order to meet financial obligations. Halo Capital has an unsecured business loan program that may be the solution to this dilemma.

Financing through the Baptist Church

The Baptist Loan Corporation is a group designed to provide loans for building construction, building renovations, etc. However, they only finance 60% to 75% of the project, require a loan ratio of 25% to 30% and retain a lien on all church land and improvements. Their Capital Stewardship Pledge Loans require a three year pledge campaign through which a sufficient amount of pledges are received as a source for loan funds. The church must commit the remainder of the pledges to pay off the loan within four years.

The State of Church Finance

The “church finance today” topic is addressed in books, in magazines and on websites. Handbooks are made available at little or no cost to assist church staff to better understand the laws pertaining to both church activities and not-for-profit tax designations. Before you agree to the church funding guidelines from any loan/investment trust company or other lending source, contact Halo Capital Group. Our staff is devoted to providing the funding needed by churches to operate, to build and to grow. Complete and submit your application and we will be happy to find a lender that is fulfills your needs.

Church Fundraising Ideas


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